What is KyotoCooling?

Architecturally Integrated Deployment

Transform Your Data Center Cooling


Packaged AHU Deployment

At KyotoCooling , we understand the demands placed on data centers and have engineered scalable solutions that save energy and deliver results.

KyotoCooling uses the world’s most efficient air to air transfer technology – the patented KyotoWheel that provides 90% effectiveness in heat rejection.

Waterless and highly reliable, KyotoCooling  delivers client-proven results, saving 75-80% in cooling costs over traditional cooling solutions. KyotoCooling  is the most widely installed and longest running new generation cooling solution in the data center industry.

See how KyotoCooling’s patented process works in HP’s Toronto data center:

Smarter Cooling for Data Centers

KyotoCooling  — A simple and proven design is lower risk than a system composed of complex moving parts and programming.  Simplicity eliminates operational mistakes.  Self-regulated controls and no single point of failure greatly reduces failures.

  • Smart energy: Lowest PUE in the industry — saves millions of kWh of energy per data center.
  • Smart water:  Waterless WUE — saves millions of gallons of water per KyotoCooling  unit installed.
  • Smart carbon: Lowest CUE — equivalent to 10,000+ fewer cars on the road per KyotoCooling unit installed.
  • Smart business:  A simple comparison between KyotoCooling and traditional cooling solutions is most telling — KyotoCooling
    offers greater flexibility and modularity, and reduced capital and operating costs.
  • Smart control:  No cooling system has a more sophisticated and proven controls platform for mission-critical data center applications. KyotoControls provide for extensive visibility, logging, escalation logic, alerts and automatically adapt to changes in the data center.
  • Smart support: With our KyotoCare package, we can provide 24/7 monitoring, help desk and escalation management.

Your Mission Critical Partner

KyotoCooling has hundreds of highly successful installations across five continents.  We enjoy a consistent track record of delivering reliable and efficient solutions to a market of highly sensitive eco-conscious end-users. We bring knowledge, experience and commitment to our clients, which include United Airlines, Hewlett Packard, Bell Canada and Rogers Communications, among others.  In North America, KyotoCooling systems are manufactured exclusively in Akron, Ohio by Air Enterprises, the leading custom air handler manufacturer in the market.

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